Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow days :)

So for the past few days I have not been able to work. In all honesty I am not longing to go back to school/work. I love being a teacher, but this particular position I have now is not my cup of tea if you know what I mean. Most people would say that being with high school students all day would never be their cup of tea and that I am crazy for choosing to be there. I really enjoy high school students. They are not in middle school... middle school students are the WORST! High school students enjoy a good joke maybe even a little sarcasm ;) If I am sarcastic with a middle school student they either stand there confused, or start crying.

Snow days are always a welcome and unexpected break (my favorite!) here are some pictures of the snow!

Saturday, February 6, 2010


I love to buy cleaning supplies :). Yeah, I am kinda weird about things like that. The funny thing is that I hate cleaning... well, I have to be in the right mood to clean. And that mood strikes me about once a year. Honestly that is a lot like Christianity for many people. They love to buy the cool looking Bible, and all the right Christian books. They have all of the Chris Tomlin CD's on their iPod, and they go to the Christian concerts. But they don't like to clean. They don't use the things they have to apply it to their life. I only say this because I see it in myself.

I am a Bible junkie. I have at least 10 in my room right now. Do I need 10 Bibles? No. Is there any logical reason for me to have 10 Bibles? No. Especially not when I know that there are some people who do not have even one. I heard that the average American household has 4 Bibles. What would America look like if every one of those Bibles was being read daily and followed? It kinda makes you wonder, doesn't it?

On a different note... I have decided to run the mini marathon in Louisville in April. Going from couch to mini is not going to be easy, but hey, I'm young... I can do this... right?