Tuesday, January 26, 2010


So like everyone else in the world i have started a blog. I think this is actually my second blog, but considering that I have forgotten the former's URL it has become another piece of clutter on the internet like so many others. Hopefully I do not forget about this one ;) Zoey is my Border Collie, and having a BC in an of itself makes my life interesting (ha!) They are known as one of the smartest breeds of dog, if not THE smartest breed ever... to say the least I am proud of her even though she does no more than comfort me when I need it, laugh at me in her own way, and protect me from men (ha again!) I am currently also a high school biology teacher/ converted to a math teacher. I hate math. But for some reason God decided to make me teach it to some very interesting teenagers. God has a tendency to do that to me, make me do something I say I will never do, I need to keep that in mind. God... I never want to go to Hawaii!

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