Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Boiling water

So i just put a big pot of boiling water onto the stove to cook some mac and cheese for dinner (yumm:). Today at school one of my freshmen asked me out on a date. I am seriously considering writing him up for said offense. a) I am 11 years older than he is. b) I am his teacher... there are laws against this. c) not only was he short, but ugly, and had not yet learned to properly apply deodorant (this is a common problem among freshmen). All of these thoughts promptly ran through my head in said order in a matter of seconds before I refused his offer. ha! But this makes me think... why would a teacher EVER have a relationship with one of her students.

There was an article that I read once about an 8th grade boy that was having relationships with two teachers... at the same time! One of the teachers felt guilty about the situation and came forward. After she did the other teacher said that she was also having a relationship with that student. I mean... for real?! That must have been one good looking 8th grader! I look at 8th graders now and they are struggling through puberty... much less knowing how to deal with the opposite sex of their own age. Wow.

Seniors. I probably have the most difficulty with them. And like one of them told me last year, "You are only 4 years older than me Ms. X, can I have your number?" It is true that I am only 4 or 5 years older than they are, but that will change. I will get older, and Seniors will always be 17-18, or 19 maybe even 20 or 21. Oh well... my mac and cheese is done :)

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